For bakery industry

 Person responsible for bakery industry packaging materials is

 Dmitrijs Gudkovs
 Sales manager

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 Paper bags

Peltolan Pussi Oy is a leading paper bag manufacturer, who produces quality paper bags for bakeries and flour manufacturers. The paper bag is a modern and classic packaging material, which provides bakery products with a new external look, preserves the product’s freshness, and provides an extended storage time.

Paper bags can be prepared:

  • with printing and without
  • with various window sizes and shapes
  • with a HDPE and LDPE coating, intended for products containing fats
  • high quality printing
  • various thicknesses




The assortment includes over 1000 trays from different materials: cake and biscuit boxes (OPS, APET), baking trays (CPET), barrier PP-trays, low gas barrier PS-trays and new natural PLA-trays manufactured from maize. It is possible to find a suitable box for cakes, fresh meat, marinated meat, pate, jellied meat, salads, desserts, berries and many other items for packaging.


 Bag variants and properties

We offer quality packaging materials for bakery products, which helps to keep the product fresher and protected  for longer. 
Since 1999, Baltic Pack has produced polypropylene and paper bags for bakery products.
It is also possible to prepare films and bags in different dimensions, with and without print.


  • CPP, OPP, PE
  • With and without print
  • With bottom and side folds
  • Perforated CPP and OPP bags
  • Wicketed or non-wicketed
  • Standard thickness of 25 microns
  • Packaged into cardboard boxes
  • Good grease and water barrier


 GRILL bags
It is possible to prepare grill bags in various dimensions. We offer BOPP, aluminium and PE-coated grill bags.
Bags can be manufactured in the sizes and out of the materials requested by clients, and include printing if requested. 
White or brown paper bags available.


 Packing film and packing paper
We offer different manufacturer solutions based on the wishes of the client. Film is cut at the requested dimension in our production site in Lithuania.